Camp Maranacook Arts...life skills through the arts

Camp Maranacook Arts focuses on the parallels between life skills and the arts.

Through the core arts of Film Production and Technical Theatre Production, youngsters will be enriched with indelible skills that only the arts can imbue in free thinking minds of all ages and cultures.

We will strive to foster growth and understanding of everyday trials and tribulations, as well as the triumphs that shape our lives through the arts. We will build upon the power of the arts to cultivate the innate tools that will help pave the way for all of one’s dreams and aspirations to be fulfilled.

The arts develop poise, discipline, dedication, quick thinking, problem solving and relaxation in all individuals.

This culminates into supreme confidence in one’s mind and body and public expression of thoughts.  This is paramount in navigating through life.

Our goal is to maintain an atmosphere of boundless creativity in the safest environment possible.

We are an established 501(c)(3) educational arts organization and foundation for scholarships for youngsters passionate about below-the-line film and technical theatre skills.

Additionally, we are putting in place incentives for youngsters who don’t get the recognition they deserve for strictly being noble and upstanding.

Our motto is …life skills through the arts.


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