Camp Maranacook Arts is Seeking Instructors (Virtual)

Our goal is to introduce youngsters 8yrs to 15yrs to Behind The Scenes filmmaking and Theatre Production skills.

Talent Agent Sunday In Montclair Fundraiser Photo by Ash Marinaccio

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Let’s face it.  We’re not all genetically destined to be actors, singers or dancers in the first degree.  Some of us are more apt to become artisans, linear thinkers, technicians or visionaries in our own right by virtue of our aversion to performing in public as a vocation.  Parents and youngsters alike, embrace this concept and you will understand why Camp Maranacook Arts makes perfect sense in this day and age.  Learn early about the vital work that behind the scenes staff and crew bring to the table for all film and theatre productions.

CAMP MARANACOOK ARTS is now seeking Below The Line and Technical Theatre Instructors to teach specialized skills behind the scenes or in the wings via virtual technology. 

  • Masterclass/Seminar
  • 2-4 Session Courses 
  • Non-Traditional Technical Skills proposals accepted.


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We look forward to bringing you “…life skills through the arts”.