Donations Launch To Skyrocket for Camp Maranacook Arts

It’s official–we’re open for donations.  Our Donations Page is up and asking.

Our generous Montclair, NJ community is already offering gifties, discount coupons, free passes, tickets and great swag, in general to offer as incentives in our fundraising.  If you’d like to contribute your branded items go to our Contact Page and tell us all about it.
The Soiree Fair Influence is hosting the “Talent Agent Sunday In Montclair” as a fundraiser for us on May 7, 2017 at Montclair State University.  They’re in need of items to fill up the swag bags for about 100 attendees coming in from all over the state of New Jersey, New York and beyond.  The Event concludes at 4pm on 5/7 and perhaps you would like to donate a discount for meals, snacks or activities you may be holding later that day or another time during our May in Montclair Celebration.

We are investigating two venues to settle in and start offering classes.  $15/sq. foot is the lowest bid for classroom-like space.  We’re looking to bargain.

Keep checking in, take our survey and weigh in on how you can help shape the success of Camp Maranacook Arts.

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