Special Donations Thank You With Wine

The Camp Maranacook Wine Club was launched in May courtesy of our sponsor Wine Dreams International.  Targeted for our 21 years and over donors has been fun to watch and answer their questions.  The main question is are there any recurring fees and the answer is no, it’s not like that.  Every donation you make at the dollar amount asked for is strictly a donation and you’re not locked into a club per se.  You can order as many times as you want of a certain offering (provided you’re drinking and sharing responsibly).  Every month there will be something new which makes this intriguing.  We don’t even know until a few days at the end of the month when Wine Dreams Intl. gives us some choices.  Ultimately, we leave it to them as experts in their field to choose the wines according to the season and time of year.  Of course, if you sign up for our email list, you can get a jump on the new wines before the supply runs out.

Looking for some wines to have with your outdoor BBQ or just lounging by the pool?   Take a look at both offerings for May and June

We look forward to you donating and receiving your delicious wine.  If wine is not your thing or perhaps would like to make a smaller donation we would be very appreciative.

We’re very excited to be invited by one of our sponsors to collect donations at North Fork Crush in Jamesport, NY on June 23rd.  More info to come on our social media.

Don’t forget Wine for the 4th of July.  It would help us out quite lovely.  Cheers to all!

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